The main themes of my work are memories, girlhood, and the border between real and unreal.
I am interested in the process of devising a story, first creating a mental image that I can translate into an actual photograph, then using that photo as a source of inspiration for new, related images, and taking new photos. While these images sometimes reflect everyday life, there is a constant undercurrent of the dream world, which reveals images from the unconscious, and of synchronicity, mythology, and the sources of stories. Sometimes I receive signals from the unconscious world that prompt me to lend an ear to that world, and I begin thinking about creating stories along the long and convoluted border between the real and the unreal.
Weaving a memory
Weaving a Memory
The time of cocoon

The Time of the cocoon / and others

繭の時間 / その他

Little world
Little World
Returning Memory

Returning Memory


The time of cocoon

For a sky / Holy Garden