フランスの出版社CHIBI Internationalから出版されている、“What is photography to you?“ に作品を掲載していただいています。 この書籍は日本の写真家約100人に「あなたにとって写真とは何か?」という質問を投げかけ、それぞれの回答と作品が紹介されています。

“What is photography to you? » is an editorial project which offers you the answers of French and Japanese photographers to this question asked by Bernard Plossu.
You can find the history of this project on our project page “What if we asked photographers in France and Japan about what photography means to them? »

In this month of September 2023, we arrive at the second part of the project with the publication of the Japanese section. Inspired by Bernard Plossu's idea, Morgane Kieffer and Sophie Cavaliero will in turn ask this question to around a hundred Japanese photographers through influencers in the world of photography. Starting from the same presentation as for the publication with the French photographers, the responses of the Japanese photographers are transcribed in the form of a translated text of their response and a photographic proposal, all this under the supervision of prescribers from the world of photography (which you will find the list below).

The book begins with the response of MURAKAMI Hanako who presents a work referring to a passage from a letter from Louis Daguerre sent to Nicéphore Niepce: “I cannot hide from you that I burn with the desire to see your essays from nature. » Through this artistic choice, we are challenged by this society which very early on wanted to be able to see – and see again – what surrounds it. Today taking a photo is so simple and so banal that we may have forgotten to see or even want to see. So what is the desire to see? We sincerely believe that in the pages of this book, you will find multiple answers to the question “What is photography for you?” ".

For each photographer, a response and photos, a way of expressing oneself, a way of seeing, a desire to see.

Publisher : iKi , France
Artist : Hiromi Kakimoto
Format : 11,5 x 15 cm
60 pages
Printed in offset, softcover, edition bound.
retail price: 10 €

edit:Mikiko Kikuta
artists:Tomoki Imai, Nao Tsuda, Hiromi Kakimoto, Mami Kosemura & Takayoshi Tsuchiya.
June 2014
Crossing Views: Switzerland Seen through Japanese Eyes is the first of a series of projects based on the collaboration between artist-in-residence program Combaz7 ( and CMarts, both located in Crans-Montana. For this project, five Japanese artists were invited; Tomoki Imai, Nao Tsuda, Hiromi Kakimoto, Mami Kosemura and Takayoshi Tsuchiya. As the photographer and art critic Chihiro Minato states in the catalogue: "This project may be called an attempt to bring new eyes to the image of the Alps formed by tourism since the 19th century. "Crossing Views" is not a reference to the oftenstated approach towards another culture, but to the deconstruction itself of the picturesque."

Sophie Cavaliero
Le Lezard Noir
July 2013/France

Photography Association CREATUS (F.U.C.*)
June 2012
Republic of Croatia

Michie Kibara
zoom magazine japan

In summer 2000, twelve female artists residing in the Kansai region of Japan and working in the medium of photography launched a publishing project as an independent forum to present their work. The first publication, entitled Photographer’s Diary – 2001, took the form of a practical schedule book containing photographic works and information related to them, and attempted to reach a wider audience through the medium of photography as art. Building on the knowledge and experience gleaned from this endeavor, the group published the inaugural issue of a photo magazine, Shaba Shaba #1, in 2002.

Each issue featured 16 pages of photographs by a single artist, who also acted as the senior editor, compiling the issue with the support of the others. Altogether 10 people worked together to edit and publish the magazine, including six artists as well as creative directors and designers, with articles provided by photography researchers, editors, and others involved with foreign museums.

Issue #2 was published in 2003, and the final issue in 2005.